Steuer V0.2 – making progress with my iPhone app

December 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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Over my last few train rides I’ve managed to make some progress in making my app a bit nicer.

This is what the old version looked like:


Apart from a few “under the hood” things (like moving to a new version of XCode and the SDK, so the simulator looks like an iPhone 4 now), I’ve improved on the following items:

  • switched to a table-based view
    This makes the inputs (Eingaben) and results (Ergebnisse) pretty self evident. I’m still going to tinker a bit with the view as there is one row that wouldn’t quite fit on one screen and I don’t want the app to start scrolling.
  • added a “title bar” (called navigationItem in iPhone-speak)
    I couldn’t quite figure it out how to do that for the simple version where I didn’t have to write a controller for the main app screen.
  • ditched the “Berechnen” button
    After changing the inputs, the results are automatically calculated.

Here’s where I am now:image

I think that is looking a lot better than V0.1, but there is still a lot to do – both from a design (colors anyone?) and a functionality standpoint, but at least I’m making some progress. I’m hoping to get a bit more done in the “free” days after Christmas, but it already looks like a lot of days are filled with visits to family and friends, and that is certainly important, too. I’ll keep you posted!